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RepMan History
  RepMan presents you with a list of values and
details that show that our working team strives to
offer products and services a hundred percent
guaranteed complying with strict international
standards. For all these reasons we would like to
invite you to spare five minutes of your time to
know the vision, mission and values, as well as
the historical past of an Argentine company.
RepMan S.A.
Ricardo Rojas 401 - 9º (1001AEA)
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel. 5273-9980 Rotativas
Fax. 5277-3855
1986: Repman is born, having a strong participation in (Y.P.F) State Oil Fields, Mayor Conversion projects.
1988- Starts a business relationship with Chemithon to supply a sulphuric plant, having a right to the premises.
1989- Starts the distribution of Gould Centrifugal Pumps in Argentina.
1990- Starts the distribution of Viking positive displacement pumps in Argentina.
1992- Starts maintenance and repairing services of rotating equipment together with the purchase of a storehouse located in Buenos Aires city.
1993- An agreement with Coopertei is set in motion, which provides better conditions for the repairing of rotating equipment. Technicians begin training in U.S
1994- Takes part in the enlargement of ANCAP, La Teja refinery in Uruguay Oriental Republic.
1995- The Logistic Division is incorporated
1996- The environmental department is incorporated
1998- Incorporates Ensival Centrifugal Pumps
1999- The new PRO-CENTER for the preparation of 3 tons equipment is opened in San Martin in Buenos Aires province. It incorporates Weatherford industrial pumps. We adjust our computer systems to Prevent Y2K negative effects.
2000- An agreement with Eusbal Forcing International is signed to develop iron cast super-pieces for the local market. Important investments are made on the company's computer system.
2001- Versa-Matic double diaphragm pumps are incorporated.
2002- Nash-elmo-elmo vacuum pumps as well as equipment products are incorporated.
2005- The new Lightnin-Plenty mixers line is incorporated.
2006- Frybroc Pumps plastic centrifugal process pump in fiberglass line is incorporated.
2007- Finish Thompson plastic centrifugal pumps of simple service are incorporated.
Representation agreement of Colfax Corporation, which commercializes Imo Pump 2 and 3 screw pumps, Allweiller centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps, Warren Pump/Houttuin 2 screw pumps, and Zenith doser and gear pumps.
2008- RepMan certification under ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
Charles Ross & Son Company mixers and driers line is incorporated.
2009- Development of storage places for the entire repair of pumps in general.
Alliance with Trandsa Bioenergy to achieve a strategy for the selling of steam and hot water boilers, and plant generation.
2010- Development of a workshop prepeared to repair Nash vacuum pumps (and other branches) of great size, up to 15 tons.
2011 Participation in Oil & Gas 2011.
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